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A Noble Pursuit.

San Francisco | Chicago | UK | Hong Kong | Singapore | Perth

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Thank you,

…from the warmest part of my heart for taking a moment from your busy life to learn a little more about this foreigner with a penchant for Italian picnics and champagne, morning kisses and cinema.

Perhaps, you can surprise me when we meet with the tidbits I lay for you here over dinner one evening…

You are staring down a rabbit hole of something remarkable, of course, if you’re the glutton for indulging your curiosities, this fact may just steer you in the right direction — my direction. But with a statuesque, keenly manicured, lithe figure sculpted by Muay Thai and HIIT, adorned with long jet black tresses, playful hazel eyes, full dollish lips and a graceful hourglass of a shape - there is no need to mince words.

I am grace and sophistication wrapped in a joyous, coquettish personality that envelops you in comfort amongst other things…

Of course, I have an array of subjects for which my lips flutter over such as my time spent in my native country, my formal education in Computer Science, being a summer painting instructor, astrophysics enthusiast and pastry chef (you need to try my cheesecake - it’s heaven on earth). Although I’m a UX designer in my other life, my lust for learning burns brighter each day.


Enough about me. For now.

What about you? I’d love to see, feel, hear what you find absolutely enthralling — intellectually and romantically. However just so you know, I’ve often been told that after meeting me, I invade your thoughts - and your dreams…



While brief and untethered encounters are exciting, I adore and have come to prefer being given the opportunity to really cultivate a natural symbiosis — developing a parallel to each other’s passionate hearts after an evening of indulging our minds and our tastebuds. That, is what personally lights my flame; a man with a desire to know his woman truly, is a gentleman.

An evening of fine cuisine and stolen kisses or a long night (or day) spent learning and exploring what makes you tick - those are most encouraged:

$800 | Ninety Minutes

A teasing preview…

$1000 | Two Hours

No rush beginning, languid ending.

$1.200 | Three Hour

A true lover is never in a hurry…

$1.400 | Lunch/Dinner Date

I am at my most frisky when fed.

$2.000 | A Clock Free Evening

I prepare the meal - you bring wine!

$4.000 | Clock-Free Overnight

From Dusk til Dawn….exploring.

$5.000 | A Day

Spend the day in my paradise…

$8.000 | A Weekend

Love is only the beginning.

$20.000 | One week

You better get ready.

  • Outcall? 2 hour min. +200

Cancellations: Any cancellations made under 24 hours of notice for any reason, require a 50% cancellation fee before future re-bookings. If for whatever reason you decided to cancel without rescheduling our meet after deposit has been sent - the deposit is nonrefundable. However, if you are unable to notify me at all of your cancellation, please provide the full balance. I trust you to be a gentleman and honor this policy and avoid being registered on all international blacklists.

Accommodation, Dining & Date Suggestions

The Peninsula | Waldorf Astoria | Mandarin Oriental | Four Seasons

Maple and Ash (Chicago) | Mourad (San Francisco)| Odette (Singapore) | 8 1/2 Otto E Mezzo Bombana (Hong Kong) | The Ledbury (London)

Gardens by the Bay Singapore | Couple’s Brunch & Spa day | Visit Twin Peaks San Francisco | Afternoon Tea at Peninsula or Mandarin

Professional Photographs

Candid selfies and photographs 2019

Questions Answered. 

I am of Panamanian (Ngäbe) and Nigerian (Yoruba) descent, which blessed me with my strikingly unique and exotic features. I’ve lived in several countries however I’ve come to settle in the U.S., Hong Kong and Singapore. I speak several languages so my voice will be of sweet charm to you. I have a BS in Computer Science and a professional background in the fine & culinary arts.

What is meeting you like?

Well, if you haven’t already noticed, I am a very warm and intellectually sound character. A visit with me is filled with comfort, indulgence and complete clarity. You will leave feeling adored, and you will come back feeling missed. I am a veritable feast for your day dreams . Try me.

How will you dress?

My signature style is sultry but sophisticated. I turn heads only in admiration from our audience where ever we may go. My wardrobe is grand and can accommodate any occasion: Chic casual, refined & feminine, relaxed, barely there…, black tie, conservative, et al.

*Please note: I only accept brand-specific outfit requests if you’re providing those items in advance.

Music? Cuisine? Literature?

I prefer Jazz, Spicy Korean or Mediterranean cuisine & Champagne, historical fiction and Astrophysics/Physics — respectively.

Do you see x,y, and z clients?

I get along best with emotionally generous, chivalrous gentlemen. Please note, age is of negligible importance to me, I love and prefer mature men. Your kind heart and integrity matter far more.

May I bring you a gift?

The greatest gift you can give me is the gift of your company. However Like anyone I love to receive gifts and accept them with joy and gratitude. My wishlist can be found here. I would simply adore a trip or two from my travel packages.


Quality Conversation | Cologne on a crisp collar | Soft thigh caresses | Super Dark Chocolate | Generosity | Humor | Your smile


Inconsideracy | Poor Hygiene | Misers | Lack of self awareness | Gossip | Inconsistency | Overzealous vulgarity | Lack of interests


Size: Sm/Md or US 6 | 34DD - 25 - 39 | Shoe: EU 41.5

Hair & Eyes | Black & Hazel — Height | 5’9”

No surgical/injectable enhancements | No Tattoos

Yoruba - English - German - Re-learning French & Mandarin


Pencil me in, darling…

A noble pursuit starts with me, assuring your absolute and total security. Your discretion and privacy is paramount to making this enjoyable and stress-free, and nothing makes me more excited than the thought of being your secret foreign affair. However, anonymity is never accepted. Nothing is more sexy than an established suitor who has nothing to hide but everything to gain.

Please note: If you are a member of a Preferred site please send appointments requests via there. References, Forum Alias and other Screening sites are not applicable as a means for screening. Apologies for any inconvenience. Thank you for understanding.