So it seems you want a little more…

Who would have thought I could be so lucky. Thank you for peeking and considering but I must warn you, unless you want to fall in love, or maybe you already have, this is a dangerous game you’re playing. But you know all is fair in love and war.

All Monthly Arrangements come with access to my private Nudité gallery as a gift.

Semi-Exclusive • Starting at $20.000 || Exclusivity • Negotiable

The “Pretty Woman” Classic Arrangement

$8.000 monthly

This is for the chivalrous gentleman who enjoys making his woman’s life easier by taking care of the necessities of life and love, living expenses, taking her out to romantic dinners, shopping, going to cinema and generally keeping things fresh as a genuine courtship. Enjoy up to 5 hours private time per week, social time (Tasting menus, cinema, shopping, etc) is clock free!

What is a semi-exclusive arrangement?*

Perhaps, something a bit more blurred between the lines of a companion and your girlfriend. Never be made to feel burdened with the everyday stressors. Guaranteed availability a few clock-free (public and private) times a week for anywhere from business travel and personal vacations to simply being in your city to keep you relaxed with the workday ends, greeted with a cocktail and playful smile. Willing to travel to you!

What does exclusivity entail?*

Would you like to be my Vlad and I can be your Naomi? No other man will grace my presence except you and I am devoted to focusing on us, together and creating a wealth of happy memories, moments and the like. You want to feel loved and assured that the only man on my mind is you and you — my love, will get it, anywhere in the world — anytime.

*Honored for up to 60 days. Minimum 2 months to reserve. If you would like to establish a regular connection particular to your city only, get in touch.