Yves’s Birthday Packages

What do they say about the Cancerian woman? Their ability to see the best in you makes you appreciate yourself more, they make the best of friends and the most sensual of lovers. An infectious laugh, a love that runs as deep as the Mariana Trench, and affectionate to a fault. You see, my birthday month is coming up in July and I want to spend it with you!

I want to travel, I want to have pillow fights, I want to drink champagne and get gussied up in beautiful lingerie.

I want to go to brunch, and tasting menu dinners and wear red lipstick…

I want to kiss and be kissed, 23 times in fact, a kiss per year that I’ve called this planet home.

July, I say “Let them eat cake” (but don’t forget to take me with you!).


Dreamtime Trips…


Brewery Gulch, California | 48-72 Hour

  • Shinrin Yoku Forest hike

  • guided horseback ride for two through the redwoods

  • a guided kayak tour through the sea caves along the Mendocino coast & picnic



Langham Hotel, Chicago & Smyth Tasting Menu

  • Clockfree Overnight at the Langham Hotel in Chicago

  • Tasting Menu of my choice (NEXT, or Smyth)

  • Breakfast at 3 Arts Cafe or in bed, your choice. ;)



Amangiri Resort, Utah | 2 nights

  • Gaze into the terrain of Canyon Point while enjoying a glass of wine

  • Refresh at the water pavilion’s sauna, steam room and cold plunge pool

  • Painting outside Broken Arrow Cave near ancient petroglyphs

  • Early-morning hot air balloon flights offer high-altitude dawn views



Thompson Seattle, Washington

Visit Pike Place Market, Spend 48 hours showing me around Seattle, relaxing at the spa, visit the Chihuly glass exhibit, eating street food and drinking “real coffee”. Hah!


Evening Delights…

Screen Shot 2019-06-09 at 11.33.49 PM.png

San Fran Magic and Moonlight

Enjoy a Magic show, dinner and a “night cap”

  • Catch a evening Magic show at the Marrakech Theatre

  • Have sushi at Sushi Hashiri and retire for a few hours and champagne in private!



A Taste of My Chicago

Enjoy a Tasting Menu at Oriole and Suite perfection thereafter

  • Join me for a Michelin Star tasting menu experience at Oriole

  • Have craft cocktails The Aviary and retire for a few hours and champagne in private!


Gift Ideas: Amazon | Reformation | Dom Perignon | White or Red Roses | Neiman’s

My ultimate Birthday Wish

Look at how clear that water is!!! My god.

Look at how clear that water is!!! My god.

My Ultimate Birthday Wishes

Year after year, I find myself alone on my birthday, of course, in the years past I never regarded my birthday as different from any other day except now. I have had my revelations this year remarking on the utter beauty there is to enjoy in this world day by day and it is an exceptional privilege to have lived to see another year to experience that beauty.

What would I love to do for my birthday? What wouldn’t I want to do honestly……lol. Well, my ultimate wish is to visit Lake Tahoe, for a week long jaunt in the crisp, marble clear water and allow the sun to soak into my skin like oil. I just want to relax.

I’ve always wanted to visit Lake Tahoe, and stay in the Famous Cabins for years in fact, and it would be insane to be granted the privilege of living out a dream of mine on my big day. Of course, I’d love to bring along an Italian buttercream triple layer cake, some naughty accouterments for a veritable feast of hedonism as well as be showered in affection, kisses and everything in between.

$14.500 — I book everything for us.

Ultimate Gifts?

This trip would be a dream come true in itself, but for the indulgent here are a my long time, heart stopping, drool worthy wishes:

Exclusivity • $45,000 || Semi-Exclusive Arrangement • Starting at $25.000

The “Pretty Woman” Classic Arrangement || $15.000 monthly


First Choice: Panthère de Cartier

Screen Shot 2019-07-01 at 9.04.56 PM.png

Second Choice: Lady Dior Bag