Below you will find my rates for our time spent in beautiful Singapore.


Fleeting Love

600 SGD | (800 SGD all inclusive)

One Hour — A tease, a taste, a preview…

1.000 SGD | (1.400 SGD all inclusive)

Two Hour — No rush beginning, languid ending.

1.400 SGD | (2.000 SGD all inclusive)

Three Hour — A true lover is never in a hurry…


A Lover is never in a hurry

1.800 SGD | (2.600 SGD all inclusive)

Four Hours — Scintillating, salivating…

2.600 SGD

Six Hours — Discover the city then discover me.

3.500 SGD

Night —From Dusk til Dawn….exploring.


From Dusk to Dawn

5.500 SGD

A Day — Spend the day in my paradise…

9.000 SGD

A Weekend — Love is only the beginning.

12.000 SGD

Three Days — Ebony Goddess, at your service.