Thank you,

…from the warmest part of my heart for taking a moment from your busy life to learn a little more about this foreigner with a penchant for Italian picnics and champagne, morning kisses and cinema.

Perhaps, you can surprise me when we meet with the tidbits I lay for you here over dinner one evening…

You are staring down a rabbit hole of something remarkable, of course, if you’re the glutton for indulging your curiosities, this fact may just steer you in the right direction — my direction. But with a statuesque, keenly manicured, lithe figure sculpted by Muay Thai and HIIT, adorned with long jet black tresses, playful hazel eyes, full dollish lips and a graceful hourglass of a shape - there is no need to mince words.

I am grace and sophistication wrapped in a joyous, coquettish personality that envelops you in comfort amongst other things…

Of course, I have an array of subjects for which my lips flutter over such as my time spent in my native country, my formal education in Computer Science, being a summer painting instructor, astrophysics enthusiast and pastry chef (you need to try my cheesecake - it’s heaven on earth). Although I’m a UX designer in my other life, my lust for learning burns brighter each day.


Enough about me. For now.

What about you? I’d love to see, feel, hear what you find absolutely enthralling — intellectually and romantically. However just so you know, I’ve often been told that after meeting me, I invade your thoughts - and your dreams…